Cute sun accessories for tropical and sunny vacations

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately about what accessories or fashion items I consider to be MUST HAVES for tropical or sunny vacations, especially since the fall and winter are times when a lot of people are vacationing to warmer climates. I’ve put together a short list of fun and cute accessories that I take with me everywhere and I suggest you do as well!

  1. Cute Sun Parasol UmbrellaThe first one is a cute bag, of course. You can find a bag for each outfit, one to match your swimsuit, or just have your favorite go-to bag for all outfits and summer occasions. Whatever you decide, make sure you get a cute, chic, fashionable bag.
  2. A chic towel or towels. This may not be as necessary if you’re going to a resort as many of them provide towels for you. However, if you are traveling on your own or wish to use your own towel regardless, you should get a towel you love – and make sure it’s hip too!
  3. Sunglasses! This pretty much goes without saying. Too many people wear unfashionable glasses, though, and these can make or break your look. Get a pair (or a couple) that look good and work for your face and your general outfits. You can even wear different glasses with different outfits too!
  4. Hats or headwear. Some ladies prefer to wear a cute headband or something, especially if they plan to head into the water. Regardless, having something to actively protect you will work wonders. A cute hat or headband can completely transform your look.
  5. Sun umbrella. Instead of worrying about nasty sunscreen, look into using a designer sun umbrella. These personal parasols provide great protection for you and your skin, keep you cool, and look super chic. When you pick your cute sun parasol, make sure it goes with at least some of your outfits, of course!

Once you have all your accessories, you’re ready to show off and have a wonderful day, weekend, or long vacation. Just remember, if you plan to head out into the sun or water during the hottest times of the day, use your sun umbrella to stay cool, protect your skin, and keep yourself refreshed and not feeling like a trainwreck for the rest of your trip. Too many times I’ve seen people party too hard in the sun at the start of their trip and it has nearly ruined many vacations, whether the intention is to relax or have a crazy party with friends.

The other positive note about having all these cute accessories is that you can use most of them in multiple seasons. Your bag, glasses, hat(s), and umbrella can all be used in various climates, weather conditions, and seasons. Think about that when you buy some of your accessories if you’re shopping on a budget – it will go a long way when you begin putting your wardrobe and accessories together!

Hopefully this sheds some light (haha) on how you can quickly and effectively put together a bunch of CUTE and MUST HAVE accessories for vacations and summer, and how they can also work for you for other seasons as well.